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Twelve is an album by Patti Smith, released April 17, 2007 on Columbia Records. As the title suggests, the album contains twelve tracks, all of which are cover versions. It debuted on Billboard 200 at number 60, with 11,000 copies sold in its first week. A promotional EP entitled Two More was also released, featuring two tracks that are not on the album: "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed and "Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect" by The Decemberists.

Track listing

Twelve (Patti Smith album)



  • Patti Smith â€" vocals, clarinet
  • Lenny Kaye â€" guitar
  • Jay Dee Daugherty â€" drums, percussion, accordion
  • Tony Shanahan â€" bass, keyboards, vocals

Additional personnel

  • Andi Ostrowe â€" live sound mixing
  • Barre Duryea â€" bass
  • David Bett â€" art direction
  • Duncan Webster â€" guitar
  • Emery Dobyns â€" engineering, mixing
  • Flea â€" bass
  • Giovanni Sollima â€" cello
  • Greg Calbi â€" mastering
  • Jack Petruzelli â€" guitar
  • Jackson Smith â€" guitar
  • Jesse Smith â€" backing vocals
  • John Cohen â€" banjo
  • Luis Resto â€" piano
  • Mario Resto â€" drums
  • Paul Nowinski â€" double bass
  • Peter Stampfel â€" fiddle
  • Rich Robinson â€" dulcimer, guitar
  • Sam Shepard â€" banjo
  • Steven Sebring â€" photography
  • Tom Verlaine â€" guitar
  • Walker Shepard â€" banjo


Twelve (Patti Smith album)

Release history

Twelve (Patti Smith album)


Twelve (Patti Smith album)

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Twelve (Patti Smith album)
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