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The Friends of Rachel Worth is the seventh album by Brisbane indie band The Go-Betweens, released 12 years after their sixth, 16 Lovers Lane. For this album they were joined by all members of American indie rock bands Sleater-Kinney and Quasi as well as new bassist Adele Pickvance. The album was recorded in Portland, Oregon at Jackpot! Recording Studio by Larry Crane.

The album received critical acclaim, receiving 4.5 stars from Allmusic.

Track listing

The Friends of Rachel Worth

(All music by Robert Forster and Grant McLennan)

  1. "Magic in Here" (lyrics, McLennan) â€" 3:52
  2. "Spirit" (lyrics, Forster) â€" 3:59
  3. "The Clock" (lyrics, McLennan) â€" 4:06
  4. "German Farmhouse" (lyrics, Forster) â€" 3:51
  5. "He Lives My Life" (lyrics, Forster) â€" 3:58
  6. "Heart and Home" (lyrics, McLennan) â€" 3:13
  7. "Surfing Magazines" (lyrics, Forster) â€" 4:34
  8. "Orpheus Beach" (lyrics, McLennan) â€" 4:48
  9. "Going Blind" (lyrics, McLennan) â€" 2:56
  10. "When She Sang About Angels" (lyrics, Forster) â€" 4:31


The Friends of Rachel Worth
  • Grant McLennan â€" vocals, guitar
  • Robert Forster â€" vocals, guitar, organ
  • Adele Pickvance â€" bass, vocals
  • Janet Weiss â€" drums, vocals
  • Sam Coomes â€" keyboards


  • Carrie Brownstein â€" guitar on "Going Blind"
  • Corin Tucker â€" vocals on "Going Blind"
  • Brent Arnold â€" cello
  • Jen Chorowhas â€" violin


The Friends of Rachel Worth

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The Friends of Rachel Worth
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