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Haldern Pop is an annual German open air music festival. In 2013 it was held for the 30th time. It takes place in Rees-Haldern (North Rhine-Westphalia).


The festival mainly features rock and pop bands.


The festival has its roots in an annual party, which was organized by some local altar servers. During the first years, music was played from records only.

The organizers want to remain true to their concept of "the small, cozy festival in the Lower Rhine area". The venue (an old horse range) should be kept, which limits the number of visitors to about 5000 people.

Lineups since 1984

Record label

In 1999, the idea came up to release a sampler with music by the bands of the year. This led to the founding of the record label "Haldern Pop Recordings", which as yet released works of e.g. Das Pop and Zita Swoon.

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  • Official site (German, Dutch, English)


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